Daniel Weetman is a co-founding member of Reggae Dub Band 'The Blackseeds'. Music has always had an influence on his methodology as an artist but his family lineage and cultural heritage is what grounds his practice. The first born son of Naomi Matarua ( Weetman ) a Fijian born National who built her nest in NZ in 1973 - Naomi kept her culture alive in the Weetman home by the cloth of Tapa / Masi. There was always an element of the art in nearly all of the rooms in the house. The shapes and designs resonated with Daniel who included this throughout his life with album cover designs and merchandise. This is Art but mostly an encouraged exercise of mindfulness and self expression in which Daniel is so very proud to invite you on his journey with him as it takes on many shapes, colours and designs. Bula Vinaka