Moana Mask is an idea born out of this global pandemic and put into action by18 year old Jordyn-Elise Passi. It has become a family affair of creating some Pasifika inspired masks. Amidst these challenging times, we saw the chance to create some colourful, reusable, breathable, Moana mask.

As a Samoan family from Sinamoga & Vaivase Tai living in the beautiful Waitakere, we have loved creating these little gems. It has been therapeutic but even more special as it strengthened our bond as aiga/whanau working together on these Moana masks. For us also, making our Moana mask is also about representation! As a proud Pasifika family, we love championing our people, the people of the Moana!


Please note: Pattern & fabrics used are based on publicly available DIY mask tutorials. A DIY face mask is not a substitute for a medical device or Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) but can be used as one element to help reduce the risk of transmission. It does not guarantee protection for the wearer and is not a substitute for other measures including social distancing guidelines and regular hand washing. It is always recommended you follow government health guidelines.