Porsche Tiavale is of Niuean and Irish descent, born and raised in Auckland. She is a practicing Pharmacist & has spent the last five years working in the Waiheke Island community, recently shifting her work closer to home in West Auckland in the hopes of spending more time on creative projects.

"I don't have a preferred medium or subject, I think art transforms and morphs as you do. I'm in a transitory place of learning and unlearning about myself and my place within my Niuean lineage. With the passing of my Nana earlier this year, I felt that connection become untethered and I've started using art as a means to find my way back.

It can be hard sometimes when you've been raised away from it, to find your footing and feel confident in accessing and expressing your culture. I'm grateful to have art as a medium to explore further. "

Porsche works in both traditional and digital mediums, creating a varied and continuously evolving body of work. She is a published illustrator of a children's book, Stardust, that recognises children with a guardian or parent who is incarcerated. She has also created album/EP covers in the past and continues to take on a limited number of commissions each year. Her work has been sold via art auction for Shakti hosted at Studio One in Ponsonby and exhibition via Upstairs Art Gallery in Titirangi.