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Visual Branding

A brand is an intangible marketing or business concept that helps people identify a company, product or individual.

Core to a brand is what it looks and feels like – or in design speak we call this the visual identity. The key parts of a visual identity generally include name and logo, colours, type and images.

Together, these parts visually represent the brand in a way that is unique to others.

For example, here’s the parts of our visual identity:

Our Name & Logo

A core underpinning of our aesthetic is referencing the Pacific. The gothic font used in our logo is a loving reference to the Hawaiian Kingdom, as well as the slight slant of the letters symbolising the movement of the moana.



Our colours create comfort and a welcoming feeling.

The pink colour found in a lot of our branding is inspired from the inside of a conch shell. Both reclaiming pink away from gender binary associations and connecting it to an object core to many Pacific cultures. The sound of the conch is used by many as a way of signifying events and summoning people home. This conch shell pink becomes a metaphor for the home and shelter we seek to provide for Pacific and Maori artists and creatives. The red symbolises mana and prestige within many Pacific cultures.


We use Ginto Nord as our secondary typeface. We love the roundedness of the typeface and how it can feel quite welcoming.



Through our instagram, we realised we loved layering and using texture. Having an asset library of textures, gives our brand a grounding consistent feeling.

Our photography on our website and instagram is very relaxed and often includes people.