The curator invites us to define what a social enterprise is, according to us - but it’s a matter of working out how because there's not many models out there. Ahi from Moana Fresh agrees and says: “It’s key to understand the landscape of social enterprise, traditional business, incorporated trust and where your business sits.” It's worth doing groundwork research before or as you are beginning. Tavola advises knowing your market is also key to understanding the landscape. “You need to know intimately the value system of the people you want to take money from… Your customers, your stakeholders and your funders,” Tavola says.

Passionate about putting Pacific art into Pacific homes, she continues to hold accessible gallery shows and values keeping work under two-grand. In some ways, this mentality creates – and sustains - the demand for Pacific works. “I know when we sit around in a homeland, we are sitting underneath something - it's going to keep giving and keep shaping our lives. I have sold so much work to Palagis. The work basically goes and dies because it is no longer activated, its acquired. So my most rewarding times with Vunilagi Vou have been selling art to emerging collectors.”