Kneubuhl is one of three business partners/friends, who came together in 2006 and founded Hawaiʻi fashion label Kealopiko, ‘Styled in Hawaii nei’. Hina alongside Ane Bakutis and Jamie Makasobe have nurtured and slowly expanded Kealopiko over 16 years together, with the support of their communities and loved ones. Kneubuhl says the business started as a side hustle and has since grown to overlap other areas of her life. None were clothing makers when they began their journey as businesswomen. Today, the business is thriving and includes a storefront located in Honolulu, an online store, a workshop, and an employee base of 17 wahine.

Drawn from the language of Hawaiʻi, the name kealopiko is a homage to the relationship their kūpuna (ancestors) had with the ocean. The alopiko is the highly desirable belly section of the fish. Like all indigenous languages, their name has alternative interpretations: the piko, (center or point of connection), on your alo (front of your body), connects you to your loved ones and to living in the present moment.