“Are we there yet? Hell no!”

• Lagi-Maama’s approach is informed by an Indigenous Moana Oceania sense of the past, present, and future. A foundation that is grounded by the Indigenous Tā-Vā Time-Space Philosophy of Reality movement. This has allowed the company to be time-space travellers, “enriched not only by the knowledge and practice of our ancestors, but also by what we learn from each project that we work on.”

• Lagi-Maama draws on knowledges and skills from our ancestors, passed down through generations. “It is the collective inheritance of our own bodies.”

• One of the core values for Lagi-Maama is to embrace and be empowered by our Indigenous knowledges and practices of talanoa or “talking critically yet harmoniously.” A decision-making philosophy and practice that helps to refine creative and innovative thinking throughout our wider Moana Oceania region.