Chloe Marsters

Chloe has been drawing since she was tiny. Her parents would supply marker pens and stacks of paper... a medium that she still favours.

"I fall in love with beautiful things; bodies, insects, flowers, sea creatures, shells... When I love certain things so much, I can not stop thinking about them. My practice is born from these thoughts. Drawing that beautiful thing allows me to study it, expressing my love for it".

Some of her work, can be seen on Instagram @cm.xxiii.x ...and high-resolution images can be seen on Google Photos

Chloe Marsters is an Auckland based artist of Cook Island descent. She gained critical success early in her art career, and as a teenager she was awarded the Parklane Wallace Trust Development Award as part of the prestigious Wallace Trust Art Awards in 2009. Chloe is known for her intricate and meticulous drawings and prints referencing the human form and nature.

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