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Amanda Stowers (she/her/they/them) is the Sāmoan artist behind Masina Creative, named for her Nana, who was named for the moon. Amanda’s grandparents, along with so many others, bravely left their island home of Sāmoa for Aotearoa with the hopes and dreams of more opportunities for their aiga. Amanda's Dad followed in the way-finding footsteps of his parents, going overseas to the US to have a family. Amanda grew up in the diaspora, with little to no representation of her culture, spending her life being the only one like her in every space that she entered. Amanda has since brought her roots back full circle, returning to Aotearoa to fulfil her dreams and those of her Tua'ā.

Amanda's work is inspired by her Sāmoan background, and the way-finding Mana of her ancestors. Her goal with Masina Creative is to always keep the culture at the forefront of the conversation, and to be the person that she needed when she was younger. Bringing representation into new spaces, where the culture can be seen, understood and appreciated. For Amanda, community is everything, and she hopes through her work she can help build stronger Pasifika communities and help others on their identity journey.

She works mostly with clay, creating handmade ceramic pieces featuring Sāmoan tatau motifs, with each motif being chosen for their meaning within Sāmoan culture. Each piece is thrown by hand on the pottery wheel, carved completely free hand, bisque fired in a pottery kiln, glazed by hand and fired again. Each piece is unique, one of a kind, and made with alofa. The Mana of her ancestors pouring from her hands, through her tools and into the clay as she works.

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