Overstayer Clothing

Moana Fresh are excited to stock vintage apparel and accessories by Overstayer clothing. Overstayer by Bill Urale, aka King Kapisi, debuted at the Air New Zealand Fashion Week in 2003. It was the first urban clothing label in Aotearoa to be picked up by a major department store, Farmers.

“It was in 2002, two years after the release of his critically acclaimed debut album, Savage Thoughts, that Bill decided to start a fashion label. He decided to make the clothes he wanted to wear; clothes with street cred that fitted people of stature and substance like himself, and he wanted them to be affordable.

Bill called his label The Overstayer Clothing Company, referring to the infamous dawn raids of the mid 1970s when the economic downturn made the once welcome Pacific Island workforce unwelcome. While there were many people from all over the world who overstayed their New Zealand visas or work permits, it was the Pacific Islanders who were targeted and subjected to police raids in their homes, often early in the morning. Both Dawn Raid (a music and t-shirt label established in 1999) and Overstayer are a tongue-in-cheek reminder of this dark era in our history.” NZ Fashion Museum


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