Sean Hill

Taranaki based multidisciplinary artist, Sean Hill is of Samoan heritage and has been creating art ever since he could remember. From a young age, Sean always had an interest in designs and a fascination with objects to create his own illustrative designs throughout his life. Fast forward now, graduating from university studying Visual Arts, Sean’s practice is all about conceptual thinking of art and art making. Finding textures through different uses of refurbished pallet wood, to creating mini-sculptures from off-cuts.

From an experienced background in large public mural displays, Sean tends to save his detailed and precise artworks for exhibiting in contemporary galleries. As of recently Sean’s mural designs have become part of the contemporary gallery space, showing the importance of temporary display that won’t be seen again - a nuanced thinking from his graffiti background.

Sean’s practice has taken him into a world of endless creativity, creativity that is abundant with colours, abstract shapes, dimensions and now mini to large sculptural artworks, using the same concepts of his paintings but creating them into 3-Dimensional displays. Sean’s vision is to show the importance of colours and how we can see colours transform into large mural installations and paintings to create physical and colourful sculptures that you can touch or move. Frequency, vibration, energy, sequences, formations and dimensions are everything in Sean’s practice and for the audience to experience what he makes from scratch.


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